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CourseSaver is a top-level DAT prep course for pre-dental students, they’re mostly known because of “chad’s videos”. This is because their instructors Chad and Alan are quite good at explaining thing in a way that pre-dental students can understand. Here we’ll be giving you a review about their services so you can get an idea about how great CourseSaver is.


CourseSaver has been instructing pre-health students for over 12 years now. This is a huge benefit when it comes to their experience and is a large advantage over other services. There are other reasons why CourseSaver is set apart from other DAT courses, we will get to these shortly. However, while there’s a lot of good things to say about them, we will make the effort to remain completely neutral in our review. Regardless we will also give our own opinion on what might be the best course of action to prepare for the DAT.


Most people know about their services based on their video library, referred to as “Chad’s Videos”. CourseSaver also offers great outlines for each section of the course and quizzes for the most relevant subjects in the DAT. Below we will be covering with detail each test they offer, as well as the content of their most popular videos.

Every video covered by Chad is well made and the material is provided by an expert. The main focus is to help pre-health students prepare for everything and anything that would be required of them, like the DAT. Most people viewing their videos would agree that they’re really immersive, you actually feel like you’re in the classroom with a great teacher.

The videos provide a way for you to see and hear Chad explain every concept in detail. If you’re busy, or it’s just simply easier for you, their videos offer a great alternative from reading. You can play each video at two different speeds, fast or normal, this does allow viewers to go trough the material quickly and stop for the important parts.

What CourseSaver can offer.

CourseSaver offers more than 40 free DAT videos and more so you can preview the material made available by them. This is all done in an effort to give each viewer and client the best learning experience possible. This is great because you can preview the material available before purchasing their services. By al this they show great confidence in the quality of their videos and material.

Online quizzes offer a good way to see how much you’ve mastered a topic, if you at to this Chad’s videos you’ve got a recipe for success. You will cover all the necessary knowledge of General and Organic Chemistry in no time at all. This is one of the best sources of reliable study material for your DAT available online. However, their focus on chemistry comes at a price, the material for the Biology section of the DAT, as well as the other 3 tests, is not as comprehensive. Let’s review each section that CourseSaver has to offer, below you will find a review on their outlines, videos, notes and quizzes.


Their material in Biology is really at a medium point of what they offer. Is not as great and extensive as their chemistry material but is also more comprehensive than their other subjects.

  • Outlines: They give an overview of each lesson; these are available to download. It starts with a brief review of the material covered in each session, just to let you know what will be covered ahead. These outlines are a great source of useful notes to help you understand the raw material of each subsection.
  • Videos: The videos in this section are not complete, however, they’re available for free, which can be good or bad for you. Their material is incomplete and as such you would likely have to rely on other courses that can cover this part more comprehensively. A good source for biology material would be either PATCrusher or DATPrep.
  • Alan’s Notes: The notes in this section are about key biology terms and definitions. These notes are very useful for clearing up some concepts before a test. In this section these notes are fundamental and they’re put together quite nicely.
  • Quizzes: The quizzes in this section contain over 400 questions in total. This does offer a very reliable way to test your knowledge.

General Chemistry.

This is one of the biggest and most comprehensive section CourseSaver has. This one along with the organic chemistry section, provide enough reason to get this service. The videos and material from this section are a great way to make chemistry really easy to understand.

Especially when it comes to the way that Chad explains concepts, this is a great and extensive section. Each concept is explained in a way that is simple yet complete and useful. Let’s move along to the detailed review of this section.

  • Outlines: Each lesson in this section offers a download for the outlines of the main topic. These cover a very comprehensive review of the lesson given for each case. Their outlines are great to go over definitions and more, after going through a video.
  • Videos: Each video in this section is completely great and useful. These are the videos that make the whole course a great alternative to prepare for your DAT. Each video topic offers an opportunity to understand and master general chemistry concepts that trouble most pre-dental students.
  • Quizzes: The quizzes in this section cover over 300 questions and are a great way to test your knowledge.

Organic Chemistry.

This is the second biggest section in CourseSaver. The main point again, is Chad’s videos. Many people think that this is the best source of quality content for organic chemistry in the market. Each lesson is given in a way that makes every concept easy to understand.

  • Outlines: The overviews of each lesson covered in this section are also available for download. You can check them out to see exactly what is covered in each lesson. Again, this is a great source material to review before and after you study by Chad’s videos.
  • Summary of reactions: This a simple summary that contains all reactions that you should know for this section of the course.
  • Videos: Again, Chad’s videos take the spotlight. These are great and make difficult concepts seem more understandable. Likely every video offers you new key concepts or a different take on the things you already know. This is why CourseSaver gets as many praises as they can, this material is simply top-quality.
  • Quizzes: There are over 200 questions ready to test your knowledge in this section.

Perceptual ability test.

Their perceptual ability section is really not that good. The only part of the PAT covered by CourseSaver is the Angle Discrimination subtest. Other than this there are a few quizzes available with lots of questions for practice. A good idea would be to use CourseSaver for their large number of questions while preparing for them with another service like PATCrusher.

  • Quizzes: The total number of questions available due all their quizzes are 1.100. These are not free and require the purchase of their services.

Reading Comprehension.

The reading comprehension section is largely incomplete and doesn’t offer much help. You’re better off using a different source of information for this section. You can try using DATPrep as a source of information and practice for this subject.

Quantitative reasoning.

They do offer a lot of quizzes that cover most of the relevant material for this subject. However, this section is also incomplete when it comes to their videos, outlines and notes. Overall this section doesn’t offer a good and solid foundation to prepare for this part of the DAT. We recommend using other resources to cover this subject.

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Additional resources.

CourseSaver also offers a few additional resources that cover basic and useful information. For instance, we have.

Waxing videos.

These videos cover the basic method of waxing and provide a few examples. These are largely beneficial to all pre-dental students and will help them develop valuable skills for dental school. However, this is not a requirement of the DAT, it’s only a good skill to develop if you plan on becoming a dentist. Hence why this is labeled as an additional resource.

Learning how to properly wax a tooth may give you and edge against some of your future classmates once you ace your DAT.

NBDE review courses.

They do offer quizzes for the two parts of the NBDE board exams. There are over 6.000 questions for the first part and over 1.000 for the second one. You can gain valuable practice time using this resource. However, again, this isn’t a requirement to get into dental school, thus it’s not covered in most other services that offer preparation for the DAT.

College review courses.

CourseSaver offers a lot of videos, outlines and quizzes on a lot of different subjects. From general chemistry as their forte to physics and biochemistry. You can take advantage of these additional resources to maintain a great GPA when you apply for dental school.

For instance, remember that having a high GPA and Science GPA is crucial to actually get into dental school. Take advantage of these resources to ace those classes and fully focus on our DAT preparation.

How to study using Chad’s videos?

One way to fully focus and study using Chad’s videos is to follow these tips:

  • Print all the outlines of every section you’re studying.
  • Review the pertinent outline before and after seeing a video from the given section.
  • Take notes on the concepts and terms you don’t understand while watching a video.
  • After finishing a video review the pertinent notes available.
  • Answer the practice questions for each section that you've studied.
  • Review all the correct answers and in the case that you got some wrong learn why.
  • Check your scores on each section and re-do each that has an unsatisfactory score.

Again, you should be using multiple services to prepare for your DAT. This is the best way to fully prepare and understand all the questions provided as practice by this service.

Our suggestion.

Take advantage of Chad’s videos and material for the general chemistry and organic chemistry section. Make use of other resources like PATCrusher or DATPrep to supplement all the other sections of CourseSaver that are incomplete or just not as good.

Ideally you would also take advantage of the quizzes and questions provided by CourseSaver. You’d need to test your knowledge against many practice questions and mock test in order to know you how well prepared are you. There are many more advantages to take from CourseSaver.

Free trial.

CourseSaver currently offers a week free of charge as a way try out their services. You can use this offer to experience firsthand the quality of this service. Ideally, you’ll make use of this free week before purchasing their services.


They also have a few more features that make them simply more useful for pre-dental students. One of which is their website support. You can ask different and complex but related questions to other users or even the instructors Chad and Alan. There’s even a cool chat feature that makes direct user-user interaction possible. Overall their customer support is quite good and their email response times are swift.

Discounts from time to time.

Their services do offer the possibility to purchase specific sections of their course. However, all purchases are non-refundable. After the initial purchase you will have access to their material for 30 days if after that time you haven’t cancelled your subscription you will be charged and given other 30 days. The good news is that if you only make use of their services for let’s say 45 days and then cancel your subscription, you will be charged for two 30-day subscriptions, but will be given a discount for the last 15 days after cancellation.

Overall this service offers a lot of flexibility for choosing which sections of the course you buy. Not to mention that regarding general and organic chemistry this is the best service for the best price.


Once you purchase their services you will have access to the material from anywhere with an internet connection. You can also make use of their desktop app to download Chad’s videos and load them to other devices. This makes possible to review their material even if you don’t have an internet connection available.

Conclusion of our review about CourseSaver.

CourseSaver is simply one of the best services available that offer tutoring and preparation for the DAT. Their chemistry sections are quite outstanding and useful. However, we must caution you, just because you use this service doesn’t mean that you will magically improve your scores. Ultimately it all comes down to how much effort and work you put into your studies.

You need to work hard and pay attention to the material given if you want to learn and improve. Chad’s videos are a great source material that can build a strong foundation for general and organic chemistry, regardless of other subjects that are not so deeply covered by them. What we can say with confidence is that using CourseSaver as a source of preparation and information, along with other services, is the best way to prepare for your DAT.

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