Best Free DAT Study Materials in 2022 [30 Score]

The question on everyone’s mind when preparing for the Dental Admission Test is where to get the best resources. Having good-quality material is crucial and fundamental for your future in Dentistry, or at the very least for your score in the DAT. That’s is why we’ve brought you a compilation of the best resources and most useful material to help you prepare. Starting with Feralis notes on Biology we’ll be providing you with our recommendations for every section of the DAT.

Feralis notes

The material you’ll find below is great and is at the top of the market when it comes to quality. While you could find one or two issues regarding the price for each resource, just keep in mind that these are top-quality. So, with that in mind, we made our best effort to compile a list of free to review materials.

In the following, we will be providing a brief list of resources for each section of the DAT. In addition to that, we will also give you a brief review of each resource. The strong and weak points that can be found in each and our take on it. So, without further ado let’s begin at once.


For this section there is some very good news, it has the most resources and material available. Which makes our job of finding the best of them a little harder, regardless of that, we did it. The reason behind so much material is available is because as Biology is a natural science there are many other careers that will be needing materials from this subject in particular.

Some of these resources are free while others are paid. Not many of them are customized for the DAT. However, you will still find all the material you need to successfully ace the DAT in any of them.

Our recommendation for each studying using these resources is to actually make a list of the topics you need to cover. Then use these resources to cover all the material you need. That way you don’t have to study more than you really should. This is also a piece of advice for the other parts of the DAT as well, especially for General and Organic Chemistry. With that out of the way let’s begin with the list of resources for this section.

Feralis notes.

Feralis notes are of the most sought-after resources to prepare for the Dental Admission Test when it comes to Biology. The actual notes are just a set of very well-crafted documents that provide all the information that you could require.

The documents include images and there’s even an excel sheet for everything related to the taxonomy section. The good thing about Feralis notes is that since they’re so popular for Biology, all the material used as been reviewed over and over again, making the likeliness of finding mistakes almost null. We do recommend to use this resource along with others to make sure you’re getting the most out of your preparation for the DAT. In fact, some people even compare other resources to this one, making Feralis notes something of a high-quality standard for other services

Crash course.

Crash course are a set of educational videos generated by Hank Green, they’re available via YouTube. This resource is very comprehensive and is only second to Feralis notes. The videos on Anatomy and Physiology are top-notch. All of their videos excel at explaining the most basic and most complex aspects of biology, in a simple manner. Using this resource, you can easily learn different concepts in Biology almost effortlessly.

Again, we do recommend to use these videos along with other sources of material, just to make sure you got all the angles covered. Crash course videos are a good way to double-check and make sure that you understand what you learn from Feralis notes.

Khan Academy.

We have yet another series of videos, this time from Khan Academy. Just like the last resource, these are available to review on YouTube. This are some of the best-known resources for Biology, along with Feralis notes. Their videos are free to access and offer an opportunity to get the best learning about different aspects of Biology.

As mentioned before there are some resources that are not customized for the DAT, this is one of such. So, the best course of action would be to actually supplement this material with others that are also mentioned in this list.

Craig Savage.

From Craig Savage, we get a series of educational videos about Biology. While all the material presented here is great and all the videos present the concepts in a good and orderly manner, we cannot say that this resource is at the level of Feralis notes in terms of the actual content. This is not to say that is a bad resource by no means.

This is a good resource to use if you need to clarify some concepts covered in Crash course’s videos or Khan Academy. Regardless of not being as entertaining it’s still a good resource to consider.


This resource has animated videos with great audio explanations for Biology concepts. The videos themselves are free to watch and are really entertaining. Regardless of which we must insist that they’re not at the level of Feralis notes when it comes to content. You should only use them to clarify concepts that feel a little shady to you.

Hippo Campus.

What Hippo Campus did was simply to compile a list of the best material available from other sources. Khan Academy videos and Feralis notes are present in their content. They do offer this material for free and there are many different companies providing them with material that they can present to the public. If you’re looking for one place that has a piece of every good resource about Biology, then this is the place for you.

Freelance Teacher.

In this resource a Freelance teacher named Steve offers a good sort of educational video. Among the topics that he covers we find videos about different subjects in Biology. He also offers chat tutoring via Skype.

While the material on the Biology sections is very limited you can use this resource to study further about what you can learn from Feralis notes.

General Chemistry.

When it comes to General Chemistry there are several great resources that we can mention you. We will however only include those resources that are free to study from. What we’re presenting you below is a list with the best free to study material about General Chemistry.

Crash Course.

The educational videos made by Hank Green also offer videos about General Chemistry. As mentioned, all of the videos are free to watch on YouTube. The videos are a great way to get acquaintance with different concepts of chemistry as well as a great source to study from.

All the complexities and complications that learning chemistry entails seamlessly disappear in these videos. We do recommend however that you use different sources of information along with this one. Other sources below can help you supplement this material and properly prepare for the DAT.

Khan Academy.

Khan Academy’s videos don’t only excel at Biology but at General Chemistry too. Their videos are very well-made and are very helpful to clear up anything you learn about chemistry from other sources.

This resource along with Crash Course’s videos are up to the quality of Feralis notes are on Biology. Making this a good resource to learn from, if you add to that other great sources, you’ll pretty much have no problem with the DAT.

Hippo Campus.

As mentioned in the previous section, Hippo Campus is a website that compiled educational videos from different great sources. They do have a section on General Chemistry that is pretty good. They have material from Khan Academy and Crash Course, along with information from other sources. Again, if you’re looking for one website that has a compilation of the best material available, this is the site for you.

Freelance Teacher.

The videos offered in this resource are based on a “pay what you like” basis. As such you can opt-in to support Steve on Patreon PayPal and other payment systems. This is yet another great resource to learn about General Chemistry. While it’s arguably not at the level of other resources presented in this list, it’s still a great source of learning material. All the videos are very well made and informative. Our recommendation is to use this resource along with others to maximize effectiveness.

Organic Chemistry.

Organic Chemistry is a little more challenging that General Chemistry and we don’t have material at the quality of Feralis notes. Regardless of all that, you can still get a lot information and value out of the sources provided below. Again, we will be covering free to study sources for this section.

Khan Academy.

Again, accessible via YouTube, these are some of the best videos on Organic Chemistry. Their way to explain things is very clear and effective, this is due to their professionalism and experience. You can learn even the most complex concepts of Organic Chemistry in a simple yet comprehensive manner.

By now you must be thinking that all the material from Khan Academy can help you for the DAT. While they’re great at what they do, they don’t specialize in the Dental Admission Test. As such you can get lots of useful information from them about topics like Chemistry and Biology, but you’ll need a little more for the other parts of the DAT.

Hippo Campus.

As we have mentioned above Hippo Campus is a website that compiles the best material from different resources. You can use it to have a comprehensive reference for the topics that you need to cover. Remember that the DAT consist on different topics from different subjects. In other words, you don’t need to fully master Organic Chemistry to ace the Dental Admission Test.

Freelance Teacher.

Freelance Teacher can come across as much of the same for the Organic Chemistry section. Yet the fact it made it to this list really says something about the quality of material it offers. The fact that you can schedule a tutoring session via Skype is really something to consider if you ever get stuck on a concept while studying.

Reading Comprehension Test.

For this part of the DAT, you won’t really need a bunch of resources to prepare. You only need to understand what you read and read it at a decent speed. You can accomplish this by practicing. What you need to master is how to read quickly and efficiently. If you manage to do that you can effortlessly ace this section of the DAT. We will still mention a resource to help you with that.

Read Speeder.

This website offers a free online course to help you improve the speed at which you can read. This course can help you easily understand a text while reading it faster than before. This is a great resource to help you prepare and improve your score in the Reading Comprehension Test.

Quantitative Reasoning Test.

The Quantitative Reasoning Test is one of the most important parts of the Dental Admission Test. You can find different resources to help you prepare for this section of the DAT, yet not all are free with the best quality. With that in mind check out what we have for you.

Khan Academy.

Khan Academy does offer different content related to what you can expect in this section of the DAT. You can use their videos about Arithmetic, Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry, Statistics, and Probability. Yet as we have mentioned they’re not specialized on the Dental Admission Test, so you might have to skip some of the content.

Hippo Campus.

Among the many videos that Hippo Campus has compiled, there are several that can help you with this section. They do have part of the material from Khan Academy, but they also have great material from other sources. You can use that material as a source of complement for what you can learn from Khan Academy’s videos.

Addition Resources.

In case you need some extra material, you can always use these additional resources. These are not specific for any section of the DAT but they’re great nevertheless.

DAT Question of the Day.

You can subscribe for free to this website and get one free practice question for the DAT every day. The question will be delivered to your email and you can expect to find questions about the different subjects such as Biology, Chemistry, Quantitative Reasoning and more. Basically, anything that you can expect to appear in the DAT.

DAT Prep.

DAT Prep can help you sort out any kind of doubts you have from studying using the resources mentioned above. They offer a great way to practice for the Dental Admission Test and are much cheaper than a DAT Boot Camp.


This is a more specialized service that can help you get ready for the Perceptual Ability Test in the DAT. This service has helped more than 800 students and is quite simply great. The average score on the PAT of someone using this service is 23 points. Using PATCrusher you’re guaranteed to get a higher score on the actual DAT.

Concluding our list of Free DAT study materials.

Hopefully you can make proper use of our compilation of the Best free DAT study materials available. We do have to mention that not all materials are at the quality level of Feralis notes. Yet they all provide an excellent source of information to help you prepare for the Dental Admission Test. Feel free to check out any other resource that you think can qualify as a great one. The more you compliment your studies the better for you in the long run.

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