Kaplan DAT Review Course: Is it worth it?

Acing your Dental Admission Test is fundamental if you want a future in dentistry. People often worry about what’s the best source of preparation, if the courses offered by most services will suffice and stuff like that. In Reality, those people are right, you do need to worry about what sources of preparation for the DAT you’re using. With that in mind, we put together a brief but precise review of the Kaplan DAT course.

Kaplan DAT course has been known and idolized for some time now. Here we will be describing exactly what makes this service so good, while also giving you an inside view about the not so good parts. We will also cover the different versions of their service and what you can get from them to help you with your DAT.

Kaplan DAT

Our review below does put on the spotlight exactly why the Kaplan DAT course is so popular. It is the most comprehensive resource to help you prepare for the Dental Admission Test. Kaplan has a lot to offer with just a few problems, overall this service is at the top of the DAT prep market and for a good reason. Let us begin by mentioning their most notable pros and cons.


#1. Exam-Identical software.

Their software offers an environment that is identical to what you can expect from the actual DAT. There are lots of practice tests and simulations in this software, that can get you ready to improve your learning and ace the DAT.

Every practice test and simulation can be configured with different break polices, timing, rules for moving through the content of the exam and more. Alternatively, you can also set everything to be exactly the same as what you’ll get in the DAT. All of this will help you prepare, test yourself properly and build confidence for the actual DAT.

#2. Most comprehensive resource.

Kaplan DAT course is the most comprehensive resource, or at least that is what they claim to be. The reality is that if their service isn’t so, then it’s very close to being that. Their review notes book it’s over 800 pages long, filled with useful information. This notebook covers every single aspect of the DAT in terms of study material. Regardless of what issues you might have with certain topics like chemistry, biology or any other, this resource will help you build a strong foundation for your future in dentistry.

#3. Practice questions.

Their course offers over 3500 practice questions to help you get ready for the DAT. There are also 5 full-length practice tests with lots of problems to solve. The more you practice the better you’ll get, not to mention that getting some of these questions wrong can actually help you prepare properly for the Dental Admission Test.

#4 Smart reports.

Doing lots of practice questions, simulations and tests can only help you improve to your best thanks to these reports. Every single practice test generates a smart report with a detailed breakdown of how good or bad you did in every section. Reports will also come with some advice about what you need to focus on more, to improve. Aside from knowing your score, you will also know exactly what you need to improve and how.

#5. Free full-length DAT practice test.

With this service, you have the option to enroll online to take a free full-length DAT practice test. This is highly recommended before you begin your studies. It is one of the best ways to see how good you do and how much you need to prepare.

It’s very helpful to identify weak points in any section of the DAT. This free full-length test serves as a sort of free trial. Take it to see for yourself how the Kaplan DAT course operates and if you like this service.

#6. Variety of learning styles.

You have a variety of learning styles ready to help you prepare for the DAT. Kaplan takes extra care so that regardless of your method of learning you can properly prepare for the DAT. You can choose to work alone with the review material, use a tutor to work alongside this service or attend classes.

#7. Accessibility.

Everything other than the lesson book, review notes and flashcards is completely accessible via their website. The flashcards, notes, and books are sent to your physical address via physical mail. You don’t need to download any third-party software in order to use the Kaplan DAT course. Everything that you need is completely accessible to you once you purchase their services.

So long as you have an internet connection, you will have full access to Kaplan’s review course. You will also have full access to their online content for over 120 days from your start day.

#8. Money-back guarantee.

Kaplan DAT course offers a policy of money-back guarantee based on their conditions.

  • If you feel you’re not ready for the DAT having used their course. You will be offered to study with them again or the next test date, free of charge. You can also choose to prepare for three months for a computer-based test.
  • In the event that you’re not satisfied with your score, you can study with them again for free. This option will only let you use their services for free until the next test date or three months for a computer-based test.
  • In the event that you didn’t raise your overall score, they do offer an opportunity to study with them again or get your money back.

You do need to fulfill some requirements to be legible for this policy.

  • You are a first-time Kaplan student and you’re enrolled in a high score guaranteed eligible program that has been paid in full.
  • You completed that program and take the official DAT when it’s next administered.
  • You have to share your official score to Kaplan within three months of completing that program. You must also tell Kaplan that you want to repeat the same program one more time, for free. You can also tell them that you want your money back in the event that you didn’t score high enough.

#9. Customer service.

Every DAT preparation service offers some sort of customer service or assistance. The thing is that Kaplan is also at the very top of this field too. Their customer service is unparallel with that of any other DAT preparation service.

Their customer service is always respectful, punctual and understanding. This just simply makes their customer service quality unpaired in the industry. In our opinion, this reflects a lot of confidence in their product and their success rate.

#10. Discounts.

From time to time you can expect the Kaplan DAT course to offer some sort of discount. These are only temporary and you can find these discounts by visiting their page or that of one of their associates.


#1. Errors.

There are some minor mistakes within the material offered by the Kaplan DAT course. Sometimes this manifests by marking a correct answer as an incorrect one, other times is due to the software having a mistake in the database.

With such a large software one or two mistakes are bound to happen. These errors are not numerous nor substantial, it’s just a bit of a nuisance to deal with one every now and then. These errors do not represent any serious problem for your preparation.

#2. Supplemental study material may be needed.

While Kaplan DAT course is a great tool to help you build a strong foundation for your DAT and your future. There are some areas of knowledge in which you may need to use different resources to supplement the material provided by Kaplan.

Their practice tests and simulations are slightly easier than the actual DAT. This is a good reason to seek supplementary material to prepare yourself and to do practice tests from different services. All in order to be fully prepared to face the Dental Admission Test.

Our suggestion.

kaplan dat course outline

Kaplan DAT course is a very comprehensive resource that will likely help you a great deal in preparing for the DAT. It is undeniable that this software and service are top quality and offer content that you won’t find in most of the other resources.

What we suggest is to use this service along with some supplementary ones to fully prepare for the DAT. The content within Kaplan’s course is actually very comprehensive and it covers everything you’ll find in the DAT. At the same time, Kaplan offers a lot of flexibility to choose your learning style.

The services that you should turn to for supplementary preparation are those that are more specialized in a particular area. For instance, CourseSaver is focused mainly on Chemistry and can offer a little bit more help for that section of the DAT. PATCrusher like the name says, focuses on the PAT. Make sure to use every tool at your disposal along with the Kaplan DAT course to ace your Dental Admission Test.

What is the best Kaplan DAT course?

The first choice of many is their “DAT Advantage – On Demand” course. This course is a highly recommended one, within you’ll find everything you also get from other packages and courses, plus more for a cheaper price.

Based on the review notes book, quizzes, sections test and full-length tests that offer are great and fundamental for your studies. With their help, you can build a foundation and familiarity with all subjects that will be evaluated in the DAT.

The only issue with this package is that it doesn’t offer live instruction. This can be a problem for those of you looking or preferring a classroom environment. Often times instructors can offer some tips and tricks that will give you an advantage in the DAT. If you absolutely need/want a classroom environment with live instruction we can recommend their “On-site Kaplan Course”.

What courses are available with Kaplan?

Kaplan DAT course does offer different packages and resources to prepare you for the Dental Admission Test. Below we will be providing you with a brief list of their features and pricing.

Kaplan DAT book (50$).

You can get this paperback review guide on Amazon and enjoy its targeted training and preparation. It contains the following.

  • Science and Quantitative Review.
  • Exercises and the most up-to-date questions for the Perceptual Ability Test.
  • 1 Reading Comprehension practice test.
  • Effective test strategies to maximize your score.
  • Vivid color instructional charts and diagrams along with a 16-page pullout study sheet section.
  • 2 full-length DAT practice tests with answer explanations.

With the purchase of this book you will also have:

  • Free access to an additional full-length practice test and extra science mini-quizzes online.
  • A full refund from Kaplan to customers who do not increase their test scores after using this book.

This review guide doesn’t offer as many practice questions, tests, and features as other resources. It’s more of a starting point from which you can get the basic material needed to study for the DAT.

DAT Organic Edge (500$).

This is an online course that provides you with access to basic concepts in organic chemistry. However, this service is only available for three months at a time.

As mentioned before you can and should use this resource along with some supplementary ones. For chemistry subjects, you should be using CourseSaver as a supplement.

DAT Advantage – On-Demand (1250$).

Is a fully online course that offers:

  • 11 recorded instruction videos.
  • Over 130 hours of practice and instruction.
  • Over 3,500 practice items including quizzes and section tests.
  • 5 full-length DAT practice tests.

With the purchase of this package, you will also receive:

  • Kaplan DAT Lesson Book.
  • Over 800 pages of Review Notes.
  • Flashcards.

This course offers you a chance to set your own pace for learning and your own schedule. This is better suited for people that prefer to work alone.

DAT Advantage – Anywhere (1400$).

This is also an online course that provides access to.

  • 11 live, scheduled sessions of comprehensive instruction.
  • Live access to your instructor and via email throughout your class.
  • Over 130 hours of practice and instruction.
  • Over 3,500 practice items including quizzes and section tests.
  • 5 full-length DAT practice tests.

Along with the following complimentary material.

  • Kaplan DAT Lesson Book.
  • Over 800 pages of Review Notes.
  • Flashcards.

With this course, you have a set schedule of online classes and direct support from online instructors. This is a package suited for people that want to study alone but still need some guidance from time to time.

DAT Advantage – On-Site (1400$).

This is a live course that people can take at a Kaplan center near them, it provides the following.

  • 11 live, scheduled sessions of comprehensive instruction.
  • Live access to your instructor and via email throughout your class.

Along with online material such as.

  • Over 130 hours of practice and instruction.
  • Over 3,500 practice items including quizzes and section tests.
  • 5 full-length DAT practice tests.

And supplementary material.

  • Kaplan DAT Lesson Book.
  • Over 800 pages of Review Notes.
  • Flashcards.

DAT Private Tutoring (from 2800$ to 5000$).

This package is the most expensive by far and its price depends on the number of hours of tutoring that you will receive.

  • The price is 2800$ for 15 hours.
  • The price is 3900$ for 25 hours.
  • The price is 5000$ for 35 hours.

It’s great to help you prepare to the fullest extent of their abilities and reach your desired score in the DAT. Your performance will be monitored and guided by one of their very capable tutors. This package provides you with.

  • Over 130 hours of practice and instruction.
  • Over 3,500 practice items including quizzes and section tests.
  • 5 full-length DAT practice tests.

Along with.

  • Kaplan DAT Lesson Book.
  • Over 800 pages of Review Notes.
  • Flashcards.

Concluding our review of the Kaplan DAT course.

kaplan logo

As you can see from the above, the Kaplan DAT course can offer lots of alternatives. Some much more expensive than others. Regardless of this their service is at the top of the market and it can help you reach that desired score in your Dental Admission Test.

If you need more assistance, you can always turn to suppletory materials such as PATCrusher or DATPrep to help you learn all that you need to ace the DAT.

There are a lot of ways that you can prepare for the Dental Admission Test. Using a Kaplan DAT course is definitely one that we can confidently recommend.

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