DAT Test Day: A Complete To-do Guide

On the day of the DAT, does it give you chills? Well, it’s bound to be. You are just a few hours away from pursuing your dream. All that hard work, strategies, and techniques will be utilized that day.

But what to expect on the day of the DAT? How should you prepare yourself for that day? What to do and what not to do? Find out more in this article.

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The article discusses-

The Day Before Your DAT Test

The first thing you have to do before the day of your DAT exam is to check the location of your Prometric testing center. Some testing centers are located inside college campuses; hence it is vital to ensure where to head on the day of your DAT exam. This will also give you a heads up of how much time you will need to reach your Prometric testing center from your home and what time you need to leave your home.

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The DAT Examinee guide says every student must arrive at their test center 30 means before their reporting time. Keep that in mind while fixing your time to leave home.

Your DAT Test Day: Things You Need To Do

What Should I Have For Breakfast On My DAT Test Day?

Since DAT is a very long exam hence don’t make the mistake of skipping breakfast. Breakfast provides you with sufficient energy to get through the day. However, it is also essential to check what you have for breakfast.

For example, foods containing excessive sugar, such as cereal or doughnuts, can cause a sugar crash during the exam. So instead, opt for eggs, fruit, fruit juice, oatmeal, or bread.

What Type of Snacks Should I Carry On My DAT Test Day?

Since DAT is a 5-hour long exam, it is advised to take some snacks with you during the exam. However, the snack will be stored locked, and you can only access it during your optional break.

The snack will remain locked in the locker, don’t take perishable food like fruits or vegetables—instead, opt-out of dry fruits or granola bars.

Here’s a tip for you. As you take your snacks with you, you should also bring some floss and a toothbrush. Washing your mouth after having snacks is a good idea because the dry bits of snacks in your mouth can distract you.

What Should I Bring With Me On The Test Center?

No matter how many articles you find on the internet regarding what to expect on the day of DAT, you should cross-check the instructions provided in your Prometric registration.

On your DAT test day, you should carry two forms of ID cards. One of them must be the Govt. issued with your signature and photograph, such as your passport or driving license. The other has to be only with a signature. Your credit card, security card, and even library card fall under this category.

In both IDs, your signature should be the same. Besides, both the IDs should have similar names. For example, if your name is Rachel Karen Green in your Govt. issued ID, it should be the same as the standard ID with a signature. It cannot be Rachel K. Green.

If you encounter a situation where the name of your standard ID does not match your Govt. issued ID, you should inform the Department of Testing Services (1-800-232-2162).

A lot of students bring DAT registration forms as well. That’s not required. Your testing center officials know what test you are sitting for, and they will be expecting you.

What Should I Do After I Arrive At My Prometric Test Center?

At the testing center, you will need to present both IDs. Both IDs will go through scanning. There will be a biometric scan as well. Once these formalities are done, you will be assigned a locker where you need to place your exam. You can only keep the IDs and locker keys with you during exams.

Moreover, you will get two laminated graphs at the center and a marker during your test. The security will check your pockets, and you will have to walk through a metal detector into your testing room.

Some Recommendations To Utilize Inside The Testing Room

The DAT is an online test; hence you will be provided with a seat with a computer in your testing room. Usually, the Prometric testing center provides headphones with noise cancellation features.

Below, the table shows the required time for each section. Here the first test, post-test survey, and the scheduled breaks are optional. However, even if you skip the optional test and post-test survey, we highly recommend taking the optional break.

Instead of the optional test, sit in your chair and relax for the first 15 minutes.

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Every time you feel you forgot something, don’t stress yourself. It will only lead you to make more mistakes. Instead, just follow your gut when you can’t remember something for sure. Try to answer everything. Because the more you answer, the better.

Why Should I Take The Recommended Break?

As mentioned before, we highly recommend you take the scheduled break after the PAT section to chill out a bit. When you take the break, you should replace your graph paper with a new sheet. The graph can be replaced at any point in the exam, but it will kill some time.

Hence, if you are ready beforehand, there will be no hassle of requesting a graph while raising your hand and waiting for the administrator to provide it.

Moreover, when you take a break outside of this scheduled break for using the bathroom or so, it kills time from your scheduled exam time.

After the DAT

Upon completing the exam, you will see your score immediately displayed on the computer screen. Then, while you leave the testing room, the test center administrator will print the scores, and you can now access your belongings and leave.

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