Free DAT Practice Test for 2022

While there are many great services that offer preparational courses for the Dental Admission Test. You can bet that sometimes what a person needs to really see how the actual test would go is a DAT practice test. In fact, a DAT practice test is one of the best tools for preparation that you can come across.

Here we will be presenting a list with different great services that not only offer courses for the DAT. But that actually can issue a free DAT practice test for interested people. These practice tests are a short and simple version of what awaits someone when taking the actual DAT.

You can even take one before entering any preparation course and then take one when you’re done to see how much you’ve improved. Or you can take different practice tests trough each week of preparation to keep a constant pace.

Let’s not dabble on this further and allow us to present different resources that can provide a DAT practice test.

DAT Practice Test

A list of free DAT practice tests.

The ADA DAT practice test.

The American Dental Association, ADA, offers a full-length DAT practice test ready to take from home. Since the DAT is issued and created from the ADA, there’s no better place to help you with your practice.

Maybe the only thing wrong with it, it’s the fact that this DAT practice test is not computer based. However, you’re still able to get a feel of what the actual DAT would be like. You can access this free practice test from here.

Another Practice test.

In addition to the last one, the ADA has also released an Optometry Admission Test. Sure this is not directly linked to the DAT but they’re very similar tests. The OAT does not include the PAT section, instead it contains an additional physics. Other than that, the OAT is very much like the DAT and it can be used for practice.

You will have plenty of material for practice in the Natural science section as well as the Reading comprehension and Quantitative reasoning test. This resource can be accessed from here.


There’s also a great preparation course from Kaplan that also offers a great DAT practice test. However, you will be required to register and sign up online in order to take the course or the practice test.

The upside is that won’t need to purchase anything to get this very realistic test experience. This service will also provide you with a detailed score breakdown at the end of the test. The score is ranged in the same way that the actual DAT test, from 0 to 30 points. You can learn about what other options Kaplans has to offer by visiting their webpage.

The Princeton Review.

This source offers a free DAT practice test that can be taken without any kind of pressure or obligation. You will be required to register with them and sign up online to take the test. But this is nothing compared to the quality of the online practice test they provide. They also provide you with a detailed score for each section of the DAT practice test.


This is one heavily recommended site to help you with your preparation. DATPrep, offers access to 3000 questions and 18 different subject exams along with 15 full length exams. You will have access to PAT generators, biology videos and chemistry videos.

We recommend this service along with some extra help for the PAT section of the DAT. For that we give you PATCrusher. This site specializes and focuses on the PAT as the name says and the average score of dental students using is of 23 in a range from 0 to 30.

We recommend these services simply because they offer the best quality for your preparation. While these are not free like the other sources, they are simply superior in quality. After all, isn’t getting the best quality and thus the best result what matters?


While there are many sources from where to get a free DAT practice test. You have to be careful when it comes to deciding if you want something for free or you want the best quality you can get.

However, there’s no rule that says you can’t try different services. You can mix free DAT practice test and paid ones to see how you fare at each. In the end you also need to worry about the quality of your preparation course and that is something you don’t want to skimp on.

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