Best DAT Prep Courses And DAT Study Material In 2022

Obtaining a good score on the DAT is crucial to your dental school application. Taking the DAT is one of the most challenging experiences of your life. You should therefore choose a DAT prep course wisely.

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But the question is: How do you choose from the many test preparation options available? Each of them has different features and study materials, so how does one choose which one is right for them?

This article will analyze and rank every DAT prep course available on the market, so you can make an informed choice that fits your needs. Read on!

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  • Taking a DAT exam is part of the admissions requirements for dental schools in the United States or Canada.
  • DAT prep courses serve to re-teach core concepts and introduce new content for the DAT exam
  • There are plenty of DAT prep courses available out there, so finding the best one can be difficult. An evaluation of prices and quality of services is needed. This article provides you with just that.

What Is The DAT Exam?

A DAT is one of the requirements for getting into dental schools in the United States or Canada. You will be assessed both on your academic and scientific abilities.

This computerized test consists of four sections: a survey of natural sciences, a test of perceptual ability, a test of reading comprehension, and a test of quantitative reasoning.

The Dental Admissions Test (DAT) is a 4.5-hour test student must take to be considered for acceptance to dental school. In order to be considered for admission, students must pass the test as well as have a high undergraduate GPA. A student with a low GPA will need a higher rating on the DAT to gain admission to one of the 66 United States-accredited dental schools.

Who Needs A DAT Prep Course?

For undergraduate students who wish to enroll in dental school after graduating from undergraduate school, the DAT is mandatory. By taking a DAT prep course, you will be better prepared for the DAT.

The DAT prep course offers students the opportunity to re-learn core concepts as well as learn new content that will be tested on the DAT. Students gain more confidence taking the test using strategies and tips they learn from DAT prep courses. It is easier and more reliable for students to perform better on the DAT if they are more comfortable with the material.

Preparing for the DAT can be challenging when you don't know what works best. There are many expensive and time-consuming DAT prep courses available. So which one is right for you? Several factors must be taken into consideration.

Choosing A DAT Prep Course: Things To Consider

  • Study Discipline: The prep course is worth the investment if you routinely struggle to keep a study schedule.
  • Need for Encouragement: If you need encouragement, feedback, and motivation, enrolling in an in-person or online DAT prep course with an instructor can be very helpful.
  • Budget: There can be a lot of costs associated with taking DAT prep courses. For those on a budget, consider our recommendations for the best value, or do your own independent study.
  • Learning Style: The best way to study for the DAT may be through a self-study course combined with a good DAT prep course.

Benefits Of A DAT Prep Course

  • Simulates Actual Test: A DAT prep course includes online tests that are highly representative of the actual test.
  • Identify Strengths and Weaknesses: With the best DAT prep course, you will be able to identify the topics you should concentrate on.
  • Quality Instructors: You will receive one-on-one feedback, strategies, and motivation from live tutors in courses that include live instructors.
  • Comprehensive Study Plans: You will be able to create a learning schedule tailored to your individual needs after taking a DAT prep course.

5 Best DAT Prep Courses

It can be difficult to find the right DAT prep course, and not everyone will be able to choose the right one. However, there are a few choices to consider. Here is a brief examination of the top five options you should consider when preparing for the DAT.

Kaplan DAT Prep

Kaplan's DAT prep courses are offered online with the help of experts who provide top-notch advice and tips. As a result of the techniques instructed by the teachers, students are able to monitor their progress in the study. Students participate in live sessions for a minimum of 120 hours. There is a software-based format for taking practice tests and quizzes, and the questions can be customized for each learner. There will be 40 workshops as part of this study and the information provided will always be in line with curriculum and pattern changes.

The price range for Kaplan's courses is $899 to $1599. Kaplan offers self-paced courses for $899. This course is accessible for 4 months. You will receive 36 hours of downloadable instructional material, 7 full-length practice exams, and 1500+ DAT practice questions.

As part of the self-paced course, candidates are also provided with a customized study plan that will help keep them on track. Kaplan even offers a mobile app for both iOS and Android that allows candidates to access the course from any device.

The interactive workshops offered in this course make it unique. During these interactive workshops, participants will learn about frequently tested topics that will appear on the DAT. These workshops provide a convenient way to learn the material in an innovative and stimulating manner. Applicants will also have the opportunity to take on-the-spot quizzes to increase their knowledge of specific topics.


Ranging from $899 to $1599


Instructional videos for 36 hours. Students can access the app.


1500+ practice questions. 7 practice tests.



  • Workshops that engage participants
  • App available
  • Exceptional video lessons
  • A greater degree of flexibility and guidance
  • King of stimulated exams


  • Light on practice questions
  • Light on video hours

Princeton Review DAT Prep

Adam Robinson co-founded The Princeton Review DAT with John Katzman in 1981. You may be familiar with it from its annual ranking of the top colleges in the United States. There are several online test preparation services offered by The Princeton Review, including preparation for SAT and ACT exams and graduate school exams.

It is the second-largest provider of test preparation courses after Kaplan. They offer courses for a number of standardized tests. Their test preparation and course prep are as extensive as Kaplan's.

DAT course prep at Princeton is entirely online and live. Their courses are available in only two variations, as opposed to Kaplan, which has four. Considering the price and what they provide, they are competitive in the industry.

You can take a free DAT sample test and strategy session from The Princeton Review to experience its material. Along with the Princeton Review's DAT courses, they also offer private tutoring for $1800.

While the Princeton Review choice is more expensive than most DAT prep courses, it is a great option if you prefer live instruction. A live online DAT preparation course costs from $1,199 to $1399. A private tutoring session costs $167 per hour.

During the course of 2.5 months, The Princeton Review offers its DAT prep course in a live-online format. With the combination of four practice exams and live online instruction, you will have 55 hours of live online instruction.

The Princeton Review's DAT prep course is an excellent choice for students who need live instruction and tutoring.


Although a little overpriced, it is not out of line.


Live instruction. 55+ hours of content. Course guarantee.


500+ pages of practice questions. 4 practice tests.



  • Excellent live instruction
  • Quantity of content and price
  • Course guarantee
  • Content and delivery that meet quality standards


  • No app available

DAT Bootcamp

DAT Bootcamp has quickly established itself as a trusted DAT prep resource and earned the respect of thousands of students. Their strategy involves offering tons of study materials, a guided study plan, and some really great video lessons.

Dental students will benefit from a restructured and more recent way of managing the preparation for the Dental Admission Test through the DAT Bootcamp. To ensure that students succeed, the curriculum includes only the most important segments of the syllabus. State of study merely includes the most indispensable information. The vast knowledge of the subjects will be reinforced through more practice sessions as well as videos. The learner can mark up the questions, making the learning and revising process easier without losing any key information. A mobile app is also being developed so that users can access it anywhere. There is a strong resemblance between the practice questions and those that will appear on the real DAT. Students can contact tutors around the clock and they are ready to help according to their needs.

Candidates can choose between two preparation courses offered by DAT Bootcamp. The Bootcamp Pro can be purchased for $497, while Bootcamp Plus costs $897. Each course can be accessed a different amount of times. This review is based on the $497 Bootcamp Pro edition.

By signing up for the Bootcamp Pro version, candidates will have 90 days to take the course. The course also includes over 2500 video clips and over 8800 practice questions. A total of 10 full-length exam simulations are included in the course to give candidates a sense of what to expect when taking the DAT.


It was the most affordable DAT prep course we looked at. It starts at just $199.


177+ videos. 100-day subscription.


4080+ practice questions. 50 practice tests. A wide variety of questions.



  • Price
  • Number of practice questions
  • Number of practice tests


  • No app
  • Content is not as extensive as in other courses.
  • No free trial

DAT Cracker

DATCracker is a prep course company specializing in its namesake. As well as providing gifts and bulk purchase options, CrackDAT offers an annual scholarship and a discount if you are a member of a pre-dental society.

It is free to use, but all sales are final once the software is purchased. They guarantee a score of at least a 14 on the test if you purchase individual sections of their course.

In addition to interviewing preparation and assistance with personal statements, the company also offers a variety of Dental School Application Services, which none of the other prep courses under review does.


You will receive access to 55 practice tests with thousands of detailed explanations of problems for just $199.


The collection includes 55 practice DAT and PAT tests that are intended to help you prepare by giving you more practice time.


There are more than 1,400 problems with detailed problem explanations.



  • An extremely realistic practice test with solid answers
  • A great deal of DAT preparation material for the money


  • There are no videos, books, or other hard content materials to review
  • Excellent for supplemental preparation, but not for stand-alone lessons

DAT Prep by Gold Standard

For over 25 years, Gold Standard has helped students get into the dental schools of their choice. Following the regulations of the exam, the books are formatted in an exceptional way. Each practice test is specifically designed for the DAT test. A comprehensive set of books featuring four books with subject information, practice exams, and detailed solutions is included in the package. There is complete coverage of the topics as outlined by the American Dental Association for the DAT test.

There are two full-length practice tests provided with Gold Standard: GS 1 and GS 2. They both feature real-world DAT simulation software, explanations for the answers, and instant results.

The Gold Standard PAT book specifies that the Gold Standard 1 test is the online equivalent of the paper pull-out test. Several study books developed by Golden Standard have won the USA Best Book Award in the category Education/Academic Teaching.

They have designed their practice tests so they match the exact format and timings of the DAT to ensure that their students are thoroughly prepared for the main exam.


  • Top Score Pro for the DAT - $ 65
  • Gold Standard DAT Practice Tests - GS1-GS2-$60; GS1-$30; GS2-$30


Complete Gold Standard DAT set: four books, 1,500 pages, and personal online access code


The books and online resources include over 3000 practice questions.



  • Easy-to-understand
  • Comprehensive multimedia resources


  • The organic chemistry section lacks depth and detail.
  • You'll pay a lot for a course that's incomplete in organic chemistry
  • The entire package must be purchased to gain access.


The DAT exam prep courses are the most effective way to learn new material and to refresh your memory on old material. The factors you need to consider include your budget, your learning style, and your discipline. Courses designed to prepare for the DAT will identify your strengths and weaknesses, simulate the actual test, and help you develop an effective study plan.

The vast majority of people do not bother to find out what is the best DAT prep course to use. The courses listed above are among the best available for DAT preparation. Knowing their strong and weak points will now enable you to choose the right one wisely for your Dental Admission Test.

Our recommendation is to supplement these courses with others if you wish to prepare optimally for the DAT. DATPrep offers material that you can mix and match with other services for maximum efficiency. With DAT Prep, each of the services in this list can be enhanced. When used alone or with the rest on this list, DATPrep can work wonders.

So, what are you waiting for? Sign up today and ace the DAT!

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